Discover the Advantages
of Homeownership

Your House

North Carolina
We all agree that home ownership can be hectic at times, so we decided to make it a little bit easier!

Report & Record Keeping

Record info about Your Home purchase, services, additions & inventory. When time to sell your home, share the YourHouseReport with potential buyers and ease the stress.

Perks and Discounts

With over 289,000 perks & discounts across 10,000 cities, you will never be far from savings. “Show & Save” mobile coupons give you instant in-store discounts at restaurants & retailers.

Home Maintenance Updates

What’s Next? YourHouse.com will remind you of tasks that are essential to maintaining and preserving your critical systems and components in your home.

Access to Local Resources

At the intersection of social, mobile, and loyalty programs, you will find, local digital rewards and geo-tracked discounts just for you and your move.

Qualified Home Professionals

Home service providers and professionals are added to your contractors list after YourHouse.com verifies their background, qualifications and references.  So when are ready to update, remodel or just maintain, you will have a list of contractors in your back pocket!

Annual Home Physical with Basics Plus!

You have your annual health physical, your car serviced regularly and even your pet checked annually.  So don’t forget about one of the largest investment in your lifetime. . . YOUR HOUSE!  Advance your home’s protection with BASICS Plus or Protection BASICS Plus Details inside!